On the southeast of the Aegean sea, between the islands of Rhodes and Crete, discover the beautiful Karpathos. Secluded and forgotten in the Karpathian sea, Karpathos preserves the purity of an amazing landscape and tradition that have been lost elsewhere in Greece.

Surrounded with vast and crystal clear beaches, Karpathos was recently awarded by the EU for the best Mediterranean beaches and waters.

In Karpathos the visitor will come across the most amazing contradictions. From flat plains and valleys, to high & wild mountains, next to sandy beaches.
This Magical scenery makes your holidays, relaxing, exciting, adventurous and breathtaking.



Each Karpathian village brings you a surprise; every step admiration and wonder.

Endless creeks and beaches lost in the mercy of the sun and wind, are located at the southern and eastern parts of Karpathos.

Light - Sun - Wind - Sky - Sea - Nature.
In one word KARPATHOS.

Tourism has been developed in the last 15 years, as Karpathos balances in harmony its tradition (music, dance, costumes, songs etc.) with all the elements of today's European civilization, claiming the title of a competent holiday destination.

Climate of Karpathos.
18 C
20 C
25 C
27 C
29 C
25 C
23 C
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